Coming together as non-profit professionals is key to building a unified voice for what our sector needs. By meeting and working together, we can better understand the diversity of our sector as well as the commonality of challenges we face.

Fundamentals of Human Resources: Winnipeg Fall 2018

The MFNPO conducts research to better understand the labour market dynamics of the non-profit sector in Manitoba. Through collaboration with other provincial and national organizations including the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations and the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector; the MFNPO endeavours to gather, analyze and disseminate the highest quality research available on the non-profit sector workforce in Manitoba.

Fundamentals of Human Resources: Winnipeg Fall 2018
Policy Development

The MFNPO works with provincial and federal governments to help develop policy that strengthens the sustainability of Manitoba’s non-profit sector. Through ongoing discussions with the Provincial Government, the MFNPO has been a leader in steering the following three pilots that are currently either in planning or implementation phases.

Fundamentals of Human Resources: Winnipeg Fall 2018
Workforce Development

With over tens of thousands of employees working in community-based non-profits across Manitoba, workforce development is critical to the future of Manitoba’s non-profit sector. The MFNPO runs three key initiatives that include Skills Development, Shared Services – HR Peer Learning Hubs, and the provision of Labour Market Information to the sector.

Fundamentals of Human Resources: Winnipeg Fall 2018

The Manitoba Federation of Non-profit Organization Inc.

Sustaining a high quality workforce in the non-profit sector.

The Manitoba Federation of Non-profit Organizations (MFNPO) is one of Manitoba’s 18 human resource councils. As the provincial sector council for Manitoba’s non-profit sector, the MFNPO is committed to workforce development in Manitoba’s community-based non-profit sector through a variety of workforce development initiatives including Skills Development, Labour Market Information, Shared Services – Human Resource Hubs and other collective learning events.

In addition, the MFNPO is engaged in sector-driven research that informs policy-making at the Provincial level that has resulted in the Multi-year funding pilot in Manitoba. Through various events and our innovative Networking tools, the MFNPO strives to be a voice that informs the Collective Impact we require for the non-profit sector in Manitoba.