Learning Topics


Each HUB will have unique learning needs and objectives. What makes our strategy successful is our ability to address those needs as they develop and change. Below is a summary of topics that have been covered by our current HUB.

  1. Establishing Trust in a small group setting
  2. HR Legal Compliance (employment standards, labor standards, human rights and workplace health and safety
  3. Review and updates of existing HR Policy manuals
  4. Discussion about the updates to Federal Non-Profit Acts Changes
  5. Answers to current HR Legal Questions
  6. Case Studies on WCB/LTD/STD claims. Return to work plans, Terminations
  7. Training on Terminations
  8. Training on Recruitment and Selection
  9. Training on Performance Management
  10. Designing and completing Job Descriptions
  11. Succession Planning in the Non-Profit Sector
  12. HR Policy Frameworks for Volunteers
  13. Exploring our Leadership Styles