Unlocking the Potential of Generational Groups in the Non-Profit Workplace

Do you have a multi-generational workforce? Do they sometimes struggle to work together effectively? Are you aware of the different strengths that each group can bring to your organization? 

Generational groups have varying values and can make unique contributions to your organization. Come out to this interactive workshop and learn how to leverage your generationally diverse team for the benefit of your organization, your employees and your clients.

Target audience: all employees in the non-profit sector


1- Awareness of the generational groups, and the strengths that each group can bring    

2- Practical strategies for working effectively together   

3- Tips for utilizing the unique strengths of individuals                                                                                                                

Date: Tuesday October, 20 2015

Time: 9:00 a.m. – Noon

Location: 1000 Waverley St. Winnipeg, MB R3T 0P3

Registration Fee: $50

Light Snacks and drinks will be served

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What it Means to Work in a Non-Profit

Do you understand the impact that non-profits have in our province? Do you have an understanding of their role in your life? What is the difference between non-profit and for profit organizations? In this workshop, you will learn about the structure of a non-profit, and how you as an employee are making a difference in this province. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the opportunities that exist in the non-profit sector.

Target audience: all employees in the non-profit sector, as well individuals interested in entering the sector.

Outcomes: 1- Awareness of non-profit sector. 2- An increased vision of the contribution that non-profits play in Manitoba. 3- A better idea of how you fit in the sector.

Date: Tuesday, November 10 2015

Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Location: 1000 Waverley St. Winnipeg, MB R3T 0P3

Registration Fee: $50

Light snacks and drinks will be served

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Skills Development Workshop “Leveraging Differences: What are the Benefits for your Organization?”

Non-profit organizations are experiencing changing demographics, both in their workforce and in their communities. Organizations who are on the cutting edge in meeting the needs of clients are building teams that are varied and bring a host of perspectives. Come to the workshop to learn about how to more effectively meet the needs of your clients, reflect the community you work in, and maximize your organization’s skills and abilities.

Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time: 9:00 a.m. – Noon

Location: 1000 Waverley St. Winnipeg, MB R3T 0P3

Training and Development Specialist: Linda Maxwell

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2015 Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise (London, Ontario)

What is CCSE?

The 2015 Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise will be the fifth annual social enterprise conference to be held in Canada and invites you to join hundreds of existing and prospective social enterprise operators from every region in Canada. Taking place in London, Ontario from April 22-24, 2015, the Conference offers an exciting three days of training and work sessions, networking opportunities, speakers and dynamic, interactive events. We have an exciting three days planned for you and your social enterprise colleagues. Local social enterprise tours and stories, opportunities to learn and share, government and private sector engagement models, governance, scaling and measuring impact!

Please visit the website to see the amazing line up of speakers- leaders in their field and to register with early bird pricing of $350 (ends Feb 27).

Why you should attend!

The CCSE is a great opportunity for you, if…

  • You’re thinking about exploring, creating, or growing a non-profit social enterprise
  • You want to share your community impact story
  • You want to participate in building a social enterprise ecosystem in Canada

To learn more about the 2015 Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise, click here.

Presented by the Canadian Council on Social Enterprise and Pillar Nonprofit Network.