The Executive Coaching for Leaders (EXCL) Project

EXCL is a pilot project that is designed to assist new leaders (less than four years experience) in their role in the non-profit sector to deal with the priorities/challenges and opportunities they are facing and that would benefit from being supported by an executive coach. The EXCL project is an MFNPO administered project funded by The Winnipeg Foundation.


What is Executive Coaching?

“Executive coaching is defined as a process of supporting individuals to make more conscious decisions about their professional and personal lives. Executive coaches assist leaders in learning about themselves, their interpersonal relationships, and their styles of learning, leading, managing people, making decisions, and managing conflict.

Coaching is a confidential process for individuals to identify what’s important in personal and organizational values and to be more successful in acting on what’s important. Coaching is a developmental process based on identifying and building on the individual’s strengths and internal resources.

Through a series of sessions with a professional coach, individuals identify goals, barriers to success, and action strategies to help them achieve their goals. The coach supports the individual in staying committed to priorities she or he says are important. Coaches ask good questions that support learning and solutions from the ED and provide supportive reinforcement to put new insights into practice.”

There is an assumption that leaders participating in the project will want to continue working with coaches beyond EXCL to gain their desired long term results. Funding for future coaching beyond the pilot project will be the responsibility of the participants and/or their organization.


Details on the EXCL Project:

Invitation – December 2017 – the invitation is circulated to organizations in the non-profit sector by the Executive Director of MFNPO.

Participation – interested participants will submit their application to the Project Coordinator – Dianne McCoy by December 31, 2017 at

Selection: Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be interviewed by the Project Coordinator with selection of applicants to occur by January 12, 2018. All applicants to the EXCL project will be advised by email on their status. For those selected, instructions on the process for coaching will be provided.


EXCL Selection Criteria –

  • The individual has less than four years of experience as an executive director or in a leadership role;
  • The individuals may have staff reporting to them and be responsible to a Board;
  • They have no prior experience of coaching but understand the basic distinctions coaching;
  • They have a desire to focus on
    • leadership, management and/or technical skills to assist them in leading more effectively
    • beliefs and attitudes about themselves and their work
  • They have not participated in other MFNPO programs ie HUB
  • They agree to report on their progress and experience as a part of the evaluation.


Coaching – There are 10 leader spaces available. Each selected leader in EXCL will receive a total of 3 hours of coaching with a coach assigned to them. The coaching discussions between the leader and coach will be confidential and one on one with the coach.  General themes that emerge out of the coaching will be noted and reported for the purposes of what is common to the leaders and for the future of coaching and leadership in the sector.

Coaching will take place between the coach and the leader from January 15, 2018 to March 15, 2018.  Coaching appointments will be arranged between the coach with the leader to occur within that time-period.

Coaching will take place through meeting face to face at a mutually agreeable location and time and/or occur through using telephone or technology (skype, zoom or another method).

Coaches: Professionally trained executive coaches who are members of International Coach Federation with experience in coaching in non-profit organizations will be working with the leaders in this project. These coaches are committed to their profession and professional development and contributing to the success of non-profit leadership.


The Project Coordinator for EXCL is:

Dianne McCoy, MA, PCC    |    Telephone – 204-885-1586


The Project Lead for MFNPO and EXCL is:

Sandra Simpson, Executive Director, MFNPO   |   Telephone: 204-272-4592