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Monika Feist

Chief Executive Officer of Success Skills Centre

For more than 20 years, Monika G. Feist has been and is still the Chief Executive Officer of Success Skills Centre, a not-for-profit organization recognized as a centre of excellence for helping internationally trained professionals and skilled workers to enter the mainstream of the Canadian workplace, professional sector and the educational systems.

Awarded “The Citation for Citizenship” by the federal Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Monika has been directly involved in the founding of a number of other Winnipeg not-for-profit organizations related to the special employment needs of immigrants, women and persons with disabilities.

Prior to Success Skills Centre, Monika has worked in both the public and private sector as a writer, editor, communications, program and policy consultant on employee ownership, as well as employment equity, community development, advertising and public relations.

She brings to MFNPO a variety of experience in the federal, provincial, private and not-for-profit sectors as an innovator, change-maker and advocate for policy and program services delivery changes in a host of areas, most precisely in employment and training, immigration, diversity and human rights issues.

She joined the MFNPO board because she wanted to work with a group of enlightened individuals and believes that MFNPO can/has the capacity to unite the not-for-profits under one umbrella for common issues organizations have, and for it to allow them to speak as one voice to resolve issues. She also sees great possibilities in saving monies for government, and in working with other sector organizations. She aspires for to be a MFNPO growing and becoming increasingly influential with government and more collaborative with the private sector and unions.

Sandra Oakley

Co-chairperson in the Executive Board of MFNPO

Sandra Oakley is the Co-chairperson in the Executive Board of MFNPO. Sandra has recently retired from her position as Regional Director (Manitoba Region) for the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) – a position that she held for 10 years. Prior to her accepting the position of Regional Director, she was employed by CUPE as a National Servicing Representative for 21 years where she was assigned to a number of different Locals providing labour relations advice and assistance, including negotiating Collective Agreements and handling grievances and arbitrations. She also worked with the Social Service Agency Locals and negotiated on behalf of the staff.

Sandra was appointed to the MFNPO Board as a labour representative bringing labour relations experience and a commitment to social justice and equitable treatment.

Sandra sees the MFNPO as part of a coalition that works: providing services in the non-profit sector and making sure the sector is given the respect that it deserves including stable funding and equitable wages, benefits and working conditions to ensure recruitment and retention.

Sandra aspires for MFNPO to gain strength as a Sector Council and to effectively continue to advocate for the non-profit sector.

Janet Forbes

Executive Director of Community Living Winnipeg

Janet Forbes is Executive Director of Community Living Winnipeg. Her career has spanned a broad range of employment and volunteer activities in Community Living organizations in Manitoba and Ontario. She is a national advisor for People First of Canada and a former member of the National Deinstitutionalization Task Force, a joint initiative of the Canadian Association for Community Living and People First of Canada. She served on the board of the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) as the Canadian representative to the international organization. Previously, she was the Executive Director of Brandon Community Options, a residential and day services agency in Brandon, MB.
Ms. Forbes is active in several joint government and community initiatives. She sits on the committee that is responsible for the implementation of the recommendations resulting from the review of the Vulnerable Persons Act, the VPA training committee, the steering committee for the transition of people from the Manitoba Developmental Centre to community and the Service Navigation project. At the community level she chairs the Winnipeg Safety Network and is instrumental in organizing significant training events that contribute to an enhancement of the quality of services delivered to people with intellectual disabilities. She dedicates time to special projects that promote the safety and well being of people and is currently working with a network of women. Community Living Winnipeg received funding from the Status of Women to conduct a project that promotes the safety and well being of women. The project has resulted in a workbook Walking a Woman’s Path and a companion facilitator’s guide is currently being field tested Community Living Winnipeg’s main purpose is to promote the full inclusion, support and acceptance in the community for all people regardless of their level of ability.

Ron Brown

President and CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg

Florence has 12 years background working in Winnipeg cultural communities and volunteer immigrant organizations focusing on immigrant employment, settlement, and fit in society. She has extensive experience in volunteering with organizations such as the Umunna Igbo Association of Manitoba, African community of Manitoba, Folklorama African Pavilion, UN Women’s organization, and Citizen Equity Community where she is the Chair of the City of Winnipeg Youth Role Model Award.

Florence believes that she can be the connection and bring the voice of immigrants to the table. She sees the importance of MFNPO in the employment and social settlement of immigrants as she believes that nonprofit organizations drive every society and if there’s going to be real change, it must come from nonprofit organizations.

Sid Frankel

Sid Frankel is a social worker who has worked as service provider, policy analyst, and academic researcher of the non-profit sector. He brings knowledge on the importance of the sector in providing community-based services and furthering social justice causes; and the role that the sector can play in policy development.

Sid believes that the nonprofit sector must organize to have a strong voice and engage in mutual support. He feels that MFNPO is at the cusp of this goal and that it already has the government’s ear.