Expand your skills.
Enhance your performance.
Enrich your organization.

The HUB is a small peer learning group that meets monthly to learn about issues and address challenges associated with human resources management in the non-Profit sector.

The group determines the format and content of the meetings along with a facilitator to aid the process. The learning comes discussing your individual issues, inviting feedback, receiving factual
information, and developing action plans. It is a safe and confidential environment where participants can share openly. In addition, participants will have one-on-one access to an HR Consultant at no cost for the duration of the program.


Our current HUB 4 members:

03 Darrel Nadeau
Executive Director,
Festival du Voyageur
02 Ginette Caron
Administrative Director,
Cercle Molière
01 Louie Ghiz
Executive Director,
New Media Manitoba
05 Grace Eidse
Executive Director,
Altered Minds Inc.
08 Jyoti Singh
Executive Director,
Elizabeth Fry Society of Manitobar
09 Dana Arabe
Executive Director,
Wahbung Abinoonjiiag
10 Lorie English
Executive Director,
West Central Women’s Resource Centre
04 Melodye (Mel) Whitesell
Executive Director,
Manitoba Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Council Inc.

Executives who apply and are selected to participate in a HUB gain access to:

  • a Professional HR Consultant for up to two hours of one on one support each month,
  • a Certified Executive Coach for group process facilitation,
  • monthly peer round table meetings where fellow executives discuss current HR and leadership challenges and success in a small group setting where they can depend on each other for confidential, diverse and supportive advice,
  • and training led by subject matter experts in the areas of focus identified as a priority by HUB members
  • at no financial cost to participating organization

How do you know this strategy works?

An ongoing part of our process is program evaluation. For the past two years we have been collecting feedback from participants, stakeholders and funders.

The HR HUB has made me a stronger leader by developing my ability to deal with human resource issues. When I first started as Executive Director at the North End Women’s Centre I would have said that about 50% of my time was spent dealing with Human Resource related issues and now I can honestly say that it takes only about 25% of my time which is exactly where it should be. Human resources can be challenging but thanks to the support I receive from the HUB, I feel much more confident in my abilities and decisions. Stronger personal policies and procedures have definitely contributed to stabilizing the Centre.”Heather Leeman,Executive DirectorNorth End Women’s Centre

Qualitative feedback is always valuable. It has helped us to maintain a fluid perspective in terms of program structure. We are continually modifying and building on the success of the program based on what the participants need.

View the video presentation captured at a MFNPO Community Round Table event held in November 2012 hosted by the pervious HUB.

Click here to read what previous HUB members are saying about the experience.

Quantitative Results

Each HUB Member was asked to estimate the value in terms of dollars the HUB has had on their organizations. Participants were asked to consider:

  • Time spent vs. saved
  • Consulting Fee’s avoided (Legal/HR/Other)
  • Tools gained (Samples/Templates/Feedback on Existing Process or Policy)
  • Increase in Operational Effectiveness



What makes this program so successful?

There is NO financial cost to participate. This program is fully funded by the Province of Manitoba.
HUB members participate in the process as a learner and teacher through sharing experience, tools, information and advice in a confidential, facilitated environment that increases their capacity and confidence in managing short term as well as strategic human resource and leadership related situations facing their organizations.
Each HUB is unique. Learning topics, round table discussions, training and guest speakers will be aligned to the specific needs of the group and evolve as directed by its members.
Members have board level support and commit to a 2-year developmental process that evolves as their learning needs do.Click here to see the learning topics addressed by our current HUB.

I am interested in applying for the next HUB.

If you are looking for more information and would like APPLY for the next HUB please contact the MFNPO at or 204-272-5026. Our staff will connect you with Courtney Marchant the Program Facilitator. Keep in mind space is limited to a maximum of 8 participants per HUB.
Please download the Expression of Interest form, save it in your computer, fill the form and email it to
*MFNPO invites new members based on previously determined selection criteria.*Applicants must also adhere to a MANDATORY ATTENDANCE policy and submit Board Approval for their participation.