Manitoba Federation of Non-Profit Organizations Inc. presents
Human Resources and Leadership HUB

HUB: Wikipedia – an open content dictionary(Noun)HUB or HUBs may refer to:

  • A point where many routes meet and traffic is distributed, dispensed or diverted
  • A type of level in a game that serves as direct access to all other levels
  • A social network that merges virtual and physical places
  • A crucial place or thing


  • to depend on something
  • On offensive vs. defensive position

As the term HUB suggests, the MFNPO provides a professionally facilitated point where a network of dynamic leaders come together, to educate, empower and connect with peers who share similar goals.

The MFNPO HUB is a program for executives in the non-profit sector who are looking for ways to enhance their organizations strategic performance through explorationdiscussion, reflectiontraining and professional third party HR support in the area of human resource management and leadership development.