The Importance of  Networking

Coming together as non-profit professionals is key to building a unified voice for what our sector needs. By meeting and working together, we can better understand the diversity of our sector as well as the commonality of challenges we face.

The Collective Impact Networking Tool

Imagine a tool that lets you see the relationships in your community that you need in order to achieve your organizational vision. Who is connected to whom? Which people give great advice? Which organizations have resources I can use? Whom can I collaborate with on my next project? Which colleague of a colleague do I need to meet today? These are the questions the Collective Impact Networking Tool.

The Collective Impact Working Group

An ad hoc working committee is planning further development of the Collective Impact Networking Tool. We are beta testing this tool with key stakeholders and developing a rollout plan in order to launch it to the MNFPO community.

We are currently in our first phase of testing:

Phase 1: Beta test Collective Impact with a small group of key stakeholders
Phase 2: Expand the beta test to twenty additional participants.
Phase 3: Open the registration process to the MNFPO community.

Contact: Darrell Cole (Chair of the Working Group) at