Policy Development

The MFNPO works with provincial and federal governments to help develop policy that strengthens the sustainability of Manitoba’s non-profit sector. Through ongoing discussions with the Provincial Government, the MFNPO has been a leader in steering the following three pilots that are currently either in planning or implementation phases.

Multi-year funding

The Multi-year funding pilot project now engages over 25 Manitoba non-profits in continuous funding for a 3-year timeframe. These non-profits will continue to work with their respective funders; however, this sustainable funding will allow these non-profits to allocate resources differently in order to build their capacity to serve in the community more effectively.

Simplified Funding Applications

As our sector works more diligently to improve its accountability, transparency and measurement; the MFNPO is engaged with the Province on an initiative to pilot a Simplified Funding Application that respectively helps funders identify value for service and helps non-profits to make a clear case for support that aligns with a funder’s criteria.

Simplified Funding Reporting

Due diligence requirements continue to increase in the non-profit sector. The MFNPO is engaged with the Province on an initiative to pilot Simplified Funding Reporting that will help non-profits to more effectively articulate their organizations’ outcomes in the community.