Bringing Workforce Development Up to Code

Pablo Listingart first learned about Winnipeg while watching the 1999 Pan-Am Games on television in his Buenos Aries living room. He didn’t dream of living in Winnipeg at the time. Today, he wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else. And he wouldn’t dream of doing anything else. The 36-year-old information technology expert runs his own web […]

English at Work…Works!

The English at Work program is positioning new Canadians to solve an old problem for St.Amant. “High staff turnover is a challenge that we face here and throughout the sector,” said Jennifer Rodrigue, ‎Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at St.Amant. “Working with children and adults with developmental disabilities is rewarding work, but it doesn’t pay very […]

The Canada Summer Games: Short-term Staff; Long-term Impact

Your non-profit organization might operate on a five-year strategic planning cycle. The Board might have a long-term planning committee and you probably hire employees you can train, nurture, and shape for the future. And, hopefully, you have succession planning on your mind. So how would you manage an organization that’s only supposed to be around […]

MFNPO: The Voice of the Sector

People who don’t work or volunteer in our sector are often amazed to hear the numbers. Even people who DO work or volunteer in the sector are often taken aback. There are roughly 8,000 non-profit organizations in Manitoba collectively employing about 100,000 people. It’s a significant proportion of the province’s workforce. “As a sector council […]

Building the Next Generation of Non-Profit Leaders

Who will lead your organization in the future? Who will provide frontline services? Who will run your office? Who will be your volunteers? Who will fill the positions that don’t exist today, but certainly will tomorrow? The Manitoba Federation of Non-Profit Organizations is eager to answer those questions by inspiring youth and young adults to […]

Regina DaSilva-Gibbons: Making a Difference Today

  Regina DaSilva-Gibbons, the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Thompson, thinks she might have gravitated toward “people-intensive” work because at one point in her life she felt helpless. She recalls a childhood punctuated by frequent trips to the psych ward to visit her struggling father, who battled schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. […]

Kelly Holmes: Right people, right places, right time, right options

  For Kelly Holmes, Executive Director of Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY), success is about bringing together “the right people, in the right places, at the right time, with the right options.” Thanks to the right people in her life, she says, she chose a positive path. She credits the strong role models she had […]

Mental Health in the Workplace

A growing demand for information and training Stacey Krueger, a community educator with the Canadian Mental Health Association, is seeing a rising demand for information and workshops to help people understand and deal with mental health challenges in the workplace. “Managers are stepping forward because they want to learn for themselves and train their employees […]

Tom Denton: A Career with Conscience

The seeds of Tom Denton’s social consciousness were planted in childhood. And so was his love of writing, communication, and advocacy. “When I was seven, I published a family newspaper called The Squeak,” says the 81-year-old Executive Director of Hospitality House Refugee Ministry in Winnipeg. “I pounded it out on carbon paper on my Dad’s […]

Terminate with Care

      Sometimes you just have to say goodbye to an employee. Termination is difficult and stressful for everyone involved, and doing it the right way can save you even more stress later on. “If an organization doesn’t fire someone properly, they can end up in court and it can cost a lot of […]