What We Do

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Workforce Development

With over tens of thousands of employees working in community-based non-profits across Manitoba, workforce development is critical to the future of Manitoba’s non-profit sector. The MFNPO runs three key initiatives that include Skills Development, Shared Services – HR Peer Learning Hubs, and the provision of Labour Market Information to the sector.

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Policy Development

As the non-profit sector continues to move towards greater accountability and transparency, the MFNPO works to strengthen our sector’s role in Manitoba through policy development. This area will host a range of materials and strategy papers that will enhance and sustain a quality and sustainable workforce and workplaces.

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As Manitoba experiences significant changes in its demographics, labour market and economic footprint; the MFNPO conducts non-profit workforce organizational research that informs us on how to improve the sector and work better with local, provincial and federal bodies in workforce development policy-making.

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Through various sector-sponsored events and digital networking tools, non-profit professionals are able to build professional relationships, find areas of collaboration and build a stronger collective voice for our vision of what the non-profit sector can be today and in the future across Manitoba.

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