Workforce Development

The MFNPO delivers three workforce development projects: Skills Development for non-profit professionals, the Shared Services Human Resources HUB and Labour Market Information initiatives are distributed throughout the province in both rural and urban areas.

Skills Development

This training series is offered in various locations throughout Manitoba including Steinbach, Brandon and Winnipeg. Current and developing topics include leadership development modules as well as sessions on how to leverage diversity to improve workplace practices. Participants completing these training sessions develop a greater level of personal awareness in their workplace practices.

Skills Training Series 1

Organizational Leadership – Essential skills training for managing non-profit organizations
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Skills Training Workshops Series 2

Leveraging Differences at Work – Strengthening and Energizing a Changing Workforce.
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Shared Services – Human Resources Hub

The MFNPO has launched an HR Shared Services Hub strategy targeting Executive Directors in Winnipeg and Thompson in response to an identified need for increased HR capacity in Manitoba’s community-based non-profits. The Hub programs encourage peer learning amongst non-profit leaders, who are selected and commit to a 1-year process, through access to both an HR Coach and a group process facilitator on a monthly basis.

Labour Market Information

Changes in Manitoba’s demographics, labour market and the economic footprint of the non-profit sector means that more consistent information is needed to help strategically plan our sector’s workforce development. The MFNPO conducts labour market research. The purpose is to inform non-profit organizations, governments and non-profit funders on challenges and opportunities to develop a sustainable quality workforce. It is possible in the near future that forecasting tools will be developed based on this research. The first human resource research was conducted in 2010, download the Voluntary and Non-profit Health & Social Services Sectors in Manitoba Report.

The second survey will be deployed in 2012/2013 with an expected date for dissemination of the report in late 2013.

Labour Market Information Survey #1 Fact Sheets: